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Michael Pistner Photography As often as possible will offer new original Note Cards! These are New Note Cards added recently! Misc. Objects and themes from newest most recent photos! Enjoy these new Note Cards and check out all of the Catagories for lots more to choose from!
Squirrel Surprise Hello Image

Squirrel Surprise Hello
Surprised with a hello from this cute furry little squirrel!

Bright Pink Azaleas Image

Bright Pink Azaleas
For a few weeks each year these Azaleas Bloom full, bright and beautiful

Beatiful Roses Image

Beatiful Roses
Pair of Beautiful White Roses

Freshly Bloomed Wisteria Image

Freshly Bloomed Wisteria
Caught in the height of color and bloom. Purple Wisteria.

Cute Kitten Thinking of You Image

Cute Kitten Thinking of You
Cute little bright eyed kitten note cards with text Thinking of You

Westport Lighthouse Image

Westport Lighthouse
Lighthouse on the beach at Westport, WA

Rooster in the shadows Image

Rooster in the shadows
Rooster caught just right in the light to show off his best side.

Rooster Invite! Image

Rooster Invite!
Rooster in the shadows with text, You're Invited

Rooster Thank You! Image

Rooster Thank You!
Rooster in the shadows with text, Thank You!