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Animals Image
Michael Pistner Photography

These are Note Cards featuring Animals, wild, domesticated, pets and others. Cats, dogs, horses, sea lions, puppies, kittens, hunting dogs and birds in flight. These Note cards make great gifts or just enjoyable to have yourself to share with friends!
Beagle Pups Note Cards Image

Beagle Pups Note Cards
Original photo Note Cards by Michael Pistner Photography. Cuddled Cuteness!

Horses in field Note Cards Image

Horses in field Note Cards
Original photo Note Cards by Michael Pistner Photography. Peaceful grazing!

Cat In The Window Image

Cat In The Window
Cat Sitting in Window not wanting to be left and saying goodbye!

Eating Together Image

Eating Together
Beautiful horses eating together enjoying the hay just given them & posing.

Golden Labs w/Duck Image

Golden Labs w/Duck
Golden Labs posing with reward after good day of hunitng ducks!

Pointing Image

Point from hunting dog! Has its quarry pinned and letting hunter know!

Double Team Image

Double Team
Double Team Pointing! Sure thing when both are pointing! Hunting dogs!

Gulls at Ferry Image

Gulls at Ferry
Gulls flying, blue sky following the Ferry at Southport, NC

King Rooster Image

King Rooster
Rooster King of the Coop! Bright red comb standing tough protecting hens!

Pelican Image

Pelican on Pier looking for his next fish meal at the beach!

Snake in Tree Image

Snake in Tree
Snake easily climbed a tree and didn't seem to want to be followed!

Sea Lion on Bouy Image

Sea Lion on Bouy
Lone Sea Lion on bouy in Puget Sound taking a break from eating the salmon!

Squirrel Surprise Hello Image

Squirrel Surprise Hello
Surprised with a hello from this cute furry little squirrel!

Cute Kitten Thinking of You Image

Cute Kitten Thinking of You
Cute little bright eyed kitten with text Thinking of You

Rooster Invite! Image

Rooster Invite!
Rooster in the shadows with text, You're Invited

Rooster in the shadows Image

Rooster in the shadows
Rooster caught just right in the light to show off his best side.

Rooster Thank You! Image

Rooster Thank You!
Rooster in the shadows with text, Thank You!