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Food & Drink

Food & Drink Image
Michael Pistner Photography

For those of you who enjoy a certain beverage or food item or collect themes or ideas we will have a Note card for you! These Cards make great gifts for those who collect or just want to share their favorite things!
Food & Drink
Strawberries Image

Strawberries sweet, red, ripe plump and juicy ready to eat and enjoy!

Strawberries w/text Image

Strawberries w/text
Strawberries sweet, red, ripe plump and juicy with White text.

Strawberry Trio Image

Strawberry Trio
Strawberry Trio 3 ready to eat strawberries, white background, red text.

Peck o' Peppers Image

Peck o' Peppers
A Peck o' Peppers red and green peppers. Looks hot!

Pumpkins Image

Pumpkins orange and round, perfect miniature gourds means Fall is here!

Coffee Image

Coffee hot and strong just the way I like it! Relax just looking at photo.